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Albert Einstein's ATAR calculator from AlbertEinstein.com.au has moved permanently to atarcalculator.com.au

  • Estimate your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).
  • Your actual ATAR may vary as the calculator is based upon the results of last year's HSC exam results.

Enter your HSC or your estimated HSC marks and the calculator produces an estimated ATAR rank based upon your best subjects, including your two best units of English. The calculator also prodives additional information such as a HSC aggregate mark, percentiles, number of candidates and a ranking of your HSC subjects.

University cut-offs are used to determine the minimum ATAR needed to be eligible to study for a particular University course, depending upon course demand. 

For example the ATAR cut off in 2012 for a bachelor of Combined Law at the University of NSW was 99.65

The 2012 ATAR calculator is based upon recent HSC results and gives an estimate of your ATAR.